The Baritone Institute 2017

The Baritone Institute 2017


Saxophonists who have chosen the baritone saxophone as their specialist instrument do not have the same quantity of opportunities to share specific experiences with other colleagues. The Baritone Institute has become one of these chances for baritone specialists to congregate and share knowledge of their beloved instrument. The Baritone Institute is usually held during major saxophone events on the calendar in places such as Amsterdam in 2014 or Alsace (France) in 2015.

So, do not miss the edition prevued in Andorra in April 2017!

1. A unique opportunity for all kinds of baritonists

If you are studying at a music school, are a professional, or an amateur musician and/or you are simply passionate about the baritone saxophone, the Baritone Institute is a unique opportunity to share, experience and expand your knowledge of the instrument.

This initiative founded by the Dutch saxophonists Niels Bijl and Jan Menu is open to classical, contemporary and jazz performers.

2. Pro-active learning

Practice is the best way to learn and share. So, we have organized a large number of concerts and rehearsals for the students to practice their craft as chamber musicians and performers.

In addition, there will be individual lessons available for participants, available upon request (with priority for those who will perform at the solo and electronic concerts) and presentations regarding different subjects surrounding the instrument; such as repertoire, discography, set-ups, techniques, etc.

3. Discovering the repertoire

Then, we will discover original works and arrangements for ensemble, small groups and solo pieces which will be performed in different concerts.

Three concerts are planned for the participants: one for solo pieces, another for works with electronics and a third one for chamber baritone groups and large ensemble. Teachers will perform in the opening concert and the Jan Menu Quartet (baritone saxophone, piano, bass and drums) will present a jazz concert.

Video from the last Baritone Institute at SaxOpen (17th World Saxophone Congress) in France in July 2015

4. Accurate work… but also fun

You can work with internationally acclaimed baritone saxophonists – Niels Bijl (Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and founder of The Four Baritones), Jan Menu (jazz baritonist), Jay Byrnes (Nexas Saxophone Quartet and baritone soloist), Damien Royannais (Quatuor Arcanes and baritone soloist) and Joan Martí-Frasquier (SAX 3 + 1 and baritone soloist).

We will also have time to relax and enjoy the splendor that Andorra offers including plenty of leisure activities that will make your stay very pleasant.

5. A great easily accessible place

The Andorra Sax-Fest gives the Baritone Institute participants the possibility to enjoy all the activities planned in this amazing festival. Click on this link for more information on the activities and terms of registration.

You can arrive in Andorra from Barcelona or Toulouse by plane and take a bus to Andorra in the airports. You can also reach the AVE to Lleida and from there take a bus to Andorra or you can travel by car as well.

Remember to bring a document proving the property of your baritone saxophone, in case you are asked at the border.

See you all in Andorra!

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