Solo Projects

How would you imagine a concert with only a Baritone Saxophone on stage?

If you have never heard it, I invite you to listen to some of my recordings. You will discover an instrument with a large sonority, timbre richness and great flexibility that make it able to play any style of music with a very special personality.

Have a look at my different proposals and hope you find something that strikes the audience of your festival or concert series.


I have often wondered what kind of music would Johann-Sebastian Bach compose if he were alive today and, in this case, what would he write for a such a versatile instrument as the baritone saxophone. Would he create works influenced by traditional music or, on the other hand, would he experience in the rich sound palette of this instrument?

As we will never know the answer, I think that the best way to have an idea is to play his music together with other works of current styles.


I still remain committed to new music with this project, which includes the more recent music originally composed for the baritone saxophone in different formats.

I presented this project in Catalonia, Andorra, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy and Scotland.


Furthermore, I have some Concertos for Baritone Saxophone and Orchestra or Band, of you want to discover these amazing repertoire.

Morphosis Duo

Music should not always produce a calming effect on us. Sometimes,
it must shake and provoke in order to activate our senses and mind.

Morphosis Duo, with sound artist and composer Joan Bagés i Rubí (electronics), is the basic version of Morphosis Ensemble, a flexible collective engaged in the dissemination of electroacoustic music, a genre representing a step forward in the (r)evolution of music of the 20th-21st centuries.


The programme is open and entirely consists of original works by female composers.

Whilst a past in which the role of women in music (especially in the field of composition) has been so marginal cannot be changed, we have a responsibility to eradicate any type of discrimination (including gender) and lay the foundations for new generations of artists.


Scratch (since 2016) aims to spread the works by composers and sound artists involved in the exploration of new languages and sonorities.

We have presented this is project at the festivals Musica d’Ara (Barcelona, 2016), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (the USA, 2017) and Bruits Blancs (France, 2021), amongst others.

Our projects do not let anyone indifferent:

 “Morphosis Duo presented an entire concert at the 2017 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, playing numerous works from Catalonia. Frasquier plays with incredible energy and his performances were an exhausting display of contemporary saxophone techniques.”

Hubert Howe, Director and co-funder of the NYCEMF (New York, June 2017)

“The concert was outstanding: I didn’t lose my interest in it in anytime. First, Joan MF, because of your interpretations and presence on stage and, on the other hand, because of Joan B is an electronics player crack.”

Sergio Fidemraizer, Composer (Barcelona, October 2016)