BECAUSE, Everette Minchew


Andorra Sax-Fest 2017. Left to right: Daniel Miguel, Joan Martí-Frasquier, Francisco Molina

This is a very nice chamber music piece to work the sound, the dynamics and the intonation with other low instruments (in its original version) or other baritone saxophones. Take a deep breathe and blow…

The Composer

EVERETTE MINCHEW (b. 1977) is a freelance American composer. He is self-taught but has participated in masterclasses with Judith Lang Zaimont and Ken Ueno. His compositions have been performed throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Minchew has also a background as a saxophonist. He mainly studied with Laurence Gwozdz and participated in masterclasses with Harry White, The Rascher Saxophone Quartet and Jean-Marie Londeix.

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Details of the work

Publisher: Never Theme Twice, editions
Duration: 4:00, minimum
Range (written): F3 – C#5 (1st baritone) / C#3 – A4 (2nd baritone) / D#3 – F4 (3rd baritone)
TECHNIQUES: Control of soft dynamics. Intonation. Breathe control (long notes).
PERFORMANCE: To create a calm and interesting atmosphere with long notes and rests.

Meaning and structure

BECAUSE was composed for a trio of low instruments in 2016. I premiered the version for three baritones with saxophonists Jay Byrnes and Niels Bijl in one of the concerts of the Baritone Institute held at the Andorra Sax Fest in April 2017.

Apart from the control of soft dynamics and the breath (the work has very long notes between pp and mp), the easy technical elements of the piece should allow the performers to listen to each other in order to find a rich and homogeneous sonority and to find a perfect balance between sound and rests, which is one of the goals of the performance.

We could consider BECAUSE a work in a Slow Music style. Slow Music has much in common with other slow movements and supports a cultural shift towards slowing down life’s pace & connecting more meaningfully with others, our surroundings and ourselves. Slow music could also be not commercial music. So, music came from the heart and done for the love not driven by finance and bonus chasing executives. Read more about Slow Music, here.

For the past few years, I have been preoccupied with the idea of “quiet music”. I feel there is nothing sweeter than a terse chord played pianissimoBecause was originally composed for bass clarinet, baritone sax and bassoon, but it can really be performed by any low instruments. It is a re-imagining of my earlier work Open Piece No. 2, butin a more structured environment which allows for the harmonies to drift a bit more into new destinations (Everette Minchew, 2017)

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to work on Minchew’s BECAUSE with me.

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