Three Concerts in Italy!

Composer Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska and I went to Italy for three concerts in mid October 2021. There, we played two different programmes according to the styles of every concert series.

I felt honoured to perform a new version for baritone saxophone and piano of the Concerto by Albena Petrovic with the same composer (although I often work the pieces with their composers, it is not always possible to play them with them). Some days later, I recorded this new version in Luxembourg (I will talk about this recording in an other post).

On Friday 15th, we presented 21st Century Music for Baritone Saxophone at SpazioMusica 2021 in Cagliari (Sardegna), a new creation music festival with a very interesting programme. In addition to the official premiere of the sonata version of the Concerto by Albena Petrovic, we played other works by the same composer, music by Fernando Lerman, Olga Neuwirth and Isabel Benito. Here’s a video of QUASI UNO SPECCHIO by this last composer:

On Saturday 16th, we headed to the North, to Milano, to perform in two concert series of this dynamic city. That evening we played at Rogoredo in Musica. We only kept the duo by Albena Petrovic from the precedent concert, added the full SUITE by Fernando Lerman and played the SUITE nº 4 for cello solo by Johann-Sebastian Bach.

The day after, in the other side of the city, we played the same programme at Musica in Villa Schleiber, in a project we named as COLORS OF THE BARITONE SAXOPHONE because of the wide amount of timber resources of the instrument to play a Baroque piece originally written for cello as well as a mix of Argentinian traditional music and modern music or some contemporary music.

It is always a pleasure to go to Italy and, even more, for some concerts.

Arrivederci, amici!


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