Full Biography


Going Further with the Baritone Saxophone !!

He is a dynamic musician, feels deeply engaged with new music and is always open to new artistic experiences.

He chose the baritone saxophone because of its large sonority, timbre richness and its great flexibility to be able to play any style of music with a very special personality.


He has premiered more than fifty works of different genres of music (as a soloist, with electronics, chamber music, opera and orchestra) by composers from all over the world, such as Joan Bagés, José Luis Campana, Timothy Harenda, Enric Riu and Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjaerg, among others. Of particular note was the “Concerto for Baritone Saxophone, Piano and String Orchestra” by Albena Petrovic at the Luxembourg Philharmonie in June 2018.

He has performed in Andorra, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and the United States in festivals such as Mixtur Barcelona (2018), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (2017), Tallinn Music Week (2015), Rc4 (Rio de Janeiro, 2015) and Classical:NEXT (Vienna, 2014).

His varied music projects focus mainly on new music, but also extend to some early music and free improvisation, in addition to electronics and visual arts.

Before starting his solo career in 2011, he was a member of several chamber music groups such as the saxophone quartet SAX 3+1 (1994-2013), SIGMA woodwind trio (flutes, clarinets and saxophones, 2004-2007) and different contemporary music ensembles and other formations. Currently, he collaborates with the ensemble of contemporary music Morphosis and Barcelona Modern and also with Camera Musicae Symphonic Orchestra.

He has recorded two solo albums, MADE IN BCN (2018) for the labels La Mà de Guido and BELIEVER (2015) for INS Records that contain some of the more outstanding works for baritone saxophone. In addition, he recorded three CDs with SAX 3+1 and also collaborated in other recordings.

He plays with Selmer-Paris saxophones, Carbonissimo ligatures and necks and D’Addario Woodwinds reeds.


Since June 2003, he has been a titular teacher at the Conservatory of Music of Reus (Tarragona). He likes to teach Saxophone and Chamber Music in all styles of music (particularly, contemporary music) and specially trains his students as open-minded people and musicians.

The great job that Eric Devallon (rip) and Damien Royannais did at the Rencontres Internationales autour du Saxophone Baryton in Ambazac (France) held between 2008 and 2011, encouraged him to collaborate with them as a member of the Association Bar&Co and to continue their legacy.

Last years, he was taking an intense activity spreading the baritone saxophone on the blog from his website. He tries to encourage its practice among young saxophonists and to motivate the production of new repertoire among composers. He has given all types of lessons (courses, workshops, masterclasses and talks) for baritone saxophone players and composers in Barcelona, Zaragoza, Andorra la Vella (Andorra), Wintzenheim (Francia), Porto (Portugal), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bertrange (Luxembourg), Sofia (Bulgaria), Sydney (Australia) and Taranaki (New Zealand), collaborating twice with his Dutch colleagues from the Baritone Institute.


After having finished his music studies in Barcelona, he went to France to complete his formation with Christophe Bois (ENM Bourges), Philippe Braquart (CNR Montpellier) and, later, with Damien Royannais (CRR Limoges), with the best marks. This experience influenced his professional career very much.

The main awards he obtained are :

  • DIPLOMA D’ONORE at final round of the XII Torneo Internazionale de Musica in Roma (Italy) with SIGMA TRIO (2006)
  • PREMIER PRIX À L’UNANIMITÉ of the Centre Region of France in Tours (2001)
  • 1st PRIZE at the 6th Young Performers Competition in Castellterçol (Catalonia, Spain) with SAX 3+1 (1999)
  • 3rd PRIZE at 4th Montserrat Alavedra Chamber Music Competition in Terrassa (Catalonia, Spain) with SAX 3+1 (1997)
  • 1st PRIZE in Chamber Music and SPECIAL PRIZE for the Best Performance of Music from the 20th Century at the 1st Alta Ribagorça International Chamber Music Competition in Lleida (Catalonia, Spain) with SAX 3+1 (1997)
  • 1st PRIZE at the 12th Chamber Music Competition in Manresa (Catalonia, Spain) with SAX 3+1 (1997)


  • Saxophonist Joan Martí-Frasquier is one of the most interesting performers on the new music scene (Sonograma Magazine)
  • It is no exaggeration to affirm that the music potential of Joan Martí-Frasquier is worthy of note due to his interpretations will be a precious legacy for next generations of saxophonists
    (Sonograma Magazine)
  • Without a doubt, all of this places Joan Martí-Frasquier as one of the references in the contemporary saxophone and new music
    (Toda La Música)
  • His powerful, deep, intense and rich sound together with the enormous versatility of the instrument are the tools that allow Martí-Frasquier to develop a bold and original language
    (Melómano Digital)
  • The impeccable technique and the malleability of the baritone saxophonist Joan Martí-Frasquier brought a touch of excellence to the concert
    (Revista Musical Catalana)