Altissimo Fingerings for Baritone Saxophone

Saxo baritono cuello
You can download my chart by taping on the image

I have long wanted to make this chart because altissimo range is often used both in original works and transcriptions. In addition, I decided to include the quarter-tones because the use of the microtones in the altissimo register is more and more usual.

To make this chart, I collected the fingerings of all my different baritones throughout my career and compared them. I also used a baritone with no treble F# one in order to check its repercussion and I have to say that the C5 key is not essential but it helps. So, you will see:

  • No dot: common fingerings and corrections to all baritones
  • Red dot: fingerings and corrections with a treble F# (C5) key baritone sax
  • Blue dot: fingerings and corrections with a no treble F# (C5) key baritone sax

This table also includes correction fingerings for the intonation of some notes. Particularly, at the extreme register, I indicated with * notes that can be modified with the embouchure and/or some extra keys. Fingerings presented here are approximate, depending on the ability of the performer.

I hope that you find it useful.

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