DREAMLOVER, Albena Petrovic

DreamLover Joan Marti Frasquier Albena Petrovic

Cover of the album Dreamlover (Solo Musica 2022, SM394)

This is a very original work because of the integration of the feet and the voice in the musical discourse. As a result, the piece is very varied, expressive and theatrical. If you are looking for “something different” for your concerts, don’t hesitate to work on it.

The Composer

ALBENA PETROVIC-VRATCHANSKA (Sofia, Bulgaria, 1965) is a renowned Luxembourgish composer of Bulgarian origin. She completed her composition studies in Luxembourg with Claude Lenners and later was awarded the Knight of The Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Her production includes more than 600 works of various genres of music. Her music has been performed at several music festivals around the world.

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Details of the work

Publisher: Contact the composer (superalbalonga@gmail.com)
Duration: Around 7:30
Range (written): Bb2 – F5 (or the highest possible).
TECHNIQUES: Slaps, stamping feet and with a bracelet, glissandi, wide intervals, diversity of articulations, tonguing accuracy, vibrato and oscillations, flatter, bisbigliandi, trills, very fast excerpts, voice, intonation.
PERFORMANCE: To play with lots of expressive energy. Very contrasted changes of character and techniques. Scenic attitude reinforced with the use of feet.

Meaning and structure

DREAMLOVER was composed between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. Until then, Albena Petrovic has used the saxophone in a very few works: a saxophone quartet and the alto in a chamber opera. This commission aroused her curiosity to discover the wide sound palette of the baritone saxophone. In addition, she wanted to write a physical and theatrical piece for me.

Tempted by this spiritual search for the figure of the seducer, I set out with the adequate search for the timbres and colors of the saxophone, drawing from the depths of contemporary technical means, virtuoso texture, percussive effects, abrupt contrasts of changing moods and interventions vocals. (Albena Petrovic, 2016)

In April 2017, I premiered it at a Baritone Institute hold during the 2017 Andorra Sax Fest. After some revisions with the composer, I recorded the final version in the album Dreamlover (Solo Musica, 2022). This album contains all the production for saxophone by Albena Petrovic.

You should play DREAMLOVER with a bracelet in one of your feet and hard soles shoes to stamp on the floor. Use of feet is required throughout the piece. In the central section, the use of voice is quite demanding in terms of intonation. These effects give a very particular sonority to the piece and succeed on stage.

This work has several contrasted parts in terms of character. The first one creates a suspense atmosphere where percussion effects of the baritone saxophone combined very well with the stamp feet and bracelet sounds. Next, there is a very fast and rhythmic section, disrupted with a slow and lyrical part. After a quick restart, the central section of the work begins. It is the longest section of the piece and its character is quite and expressive. A new strong and marked section brings to the re-exposition of the very first section. In the final coda, percussive sounds of feet and the low register of the baritone saxophone merge.

The indications of the score are very precise, the notation is conventional and the reading is clear.

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Joan Martí-Frasquier

Barcelona, December 2023

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