My Latest Recordings in 2020

In 2020, I did some home recordings, especially during my lockdown because of the covid-19. If you remember, I created a playlist on my Soundcloud account with all those recordings last spring.

Despite, I decide to close this year with some professional recordings and, so, the 23rd of December 2020 I met Antonio Velasco at his studio INS Records to record some works that I was recently played in a concert in Reus (Catalonia).

I premiered DREAMLOVER by Luxembourgish composer, Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska, at the Baritone Institute held during the Andorra Sax-Fest in April 2017. After having played it later some times (Catalonia, Portugal, Luxembourg, etc.) and having shaped it, by adding and retouching some things, I though that then was the moment to record it and to present it in my final version.

I have played the SUITE n. 4 for cello solo by Johann-Sebastian Bach in some concerts since 2017. I tried it because I think that it is the more suitable for the baritone saxophone (it is ideal for a melodic instrument because it only has a few chords). After many years of study and maturity and realizing that to play this transcendental music is a true challenge, here is now my humble version.

Have a happy and healthy 2021!!

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