What is COLOURS?

Frequencies we capture through ear and sight. Deep impressions we get from these elements.
The show relates seven different works with the seven colors in the spectrum, according to their own characteristics. It goes from cold trough warm colors to the absence of light, and it ends up in a joyful color burst.
It contains lights and projections, short video-art teasers and music for baritone saxophone. This is an eclectic and very dynamic show.


What it is been said about Colours?

The saxophone show titled COLOURS by Joan Martí-Frasquier presented by Glasperlenspiel Music Festival in the frames of Tallinn Music Week was something very special. This is the union of academic virtuosity and modern sax-technique, union of acoustic and electronic worlds, union of audio and visual art, union of classical and jazz-rock elements. Highly recommended!

Peeter VähiComposer and Artistic Director of Estonian Record Productions (Tallinn, 2015)

COLOURS is not only a great idea for a modern and hooking performance. It has the touch of elegance and exclusivity that brings a top work to the excellence. Sound and image blend in a balanced way running smooth for an always too short time. It is undoubtedly a very recommendable performance with a mesmerizing effect on every audience.

Enric RiuComposer (Flix, 2014)

The COLOURS show, starred by J. Martí-Frasquier, is not a contemporary music concert but a convincing suggestion towards communication with the audience. The stage is set with the aid of a video and lights which match perfectly with the performances and moves of an absolutely convinced and passionate musician. Let’s get ready to listen to good music, and specially to have a good time.

Sergio FidemraizerComposer (Reus, 2012)

The project of Joan Martí impressed me.
COLOURS is one of the most exciting contemporary works built with a rare intelligence. It integrates with an unprecedented way, a cinematic visual language, contemporary works, high performance and scenic posture.
I recommend.

Claudio DauelsbergArtistic director of Festival RC4 (Rio de Janeiro, 2015)

Joan is a good example of a new generation of young professionals. His performance is a refreshing blend of contemporary music, jazz, and visuals. Moreover, he actively engages with his audiences (and the Classical:NEXT community) before and after concerts, in the auditorium, and through video and social media.

Paul BräuerClassical:NEXT, (Vienna, 2014)

The COLOURS show by Joan Martí-Frasquier has the best ingredients for the art in our time. It has been created by an artist absolutely engaged with contemporary music. His energy and enthusiasm becomes contagious to everybody, as in all his performances. It is an innovative event as a result of combining image and sound.

Àlex SansóMusic conductor (Reus, 2012)


“Contemporànica” Essence. CONTEMPORANICA, Contemporary Music Festival. Centre d’Art Cal Massó (Reus). From May 11th to 13th 2012.

(…) Joan Martí-Frasquier offered the second competition main performance. In Colours show, he expressed the relation between the universe of colours and sound by means of frequencies. The set-up had its origins in the musical repertoire by different composers. Through a careful technique production, he achieved seven audio-visual sequences: green, blue, purple, cyan, yellow, red and orange. To be able to do it, Martí-Frasquier searched inside his baritone saxophone to its greatest possible extend his instrument allowed him, either from the point of view of the technique or  the interpretation; he examined the emotions which came out from the elements captured through ear and sight thus achieving far and away the initial goal for the performance. The saxophonist took under consideration either his clothes or the room he needed to move all over the place. The result was an audience who clapped hands all through the performance.

The Contemporànica Festival proposals show that academic and popular works can work the same way: there is no need to know about music to be able to enjoy it (…)”

Marta TrillREVISTA MUSICAL CATALANA, digital edition