Primera clase de Ferran con el barítono (septiembre 2013)

Teaching Saxophone

I teach Saxophone since the scholar year 1992-93. I have worked in different music schools from Catalonia and France: Agrupació Musical Rapitenca (1992-98 and 2002-03), Unió Musical de Tarragona (1994-99), Conservatori i Escola de Música de Reus (1998-99), EMM Meung sur-Loire (1999-2001), EMM La Chaussée-Saint-Victor (2000-01), EMM La Chapelle Saint-Ursin (2000-01), Unió Filharmònica d’Amposta (2002-03), Juan Pedro Carrero Barcelona (2002-04) and EMM Premià de Mar (2002-05).

I am the Saxophone teacher of the Escola i Conservatori de Música de Reus (Catalonia, Spain) since June 2003. I like to teach Saxophone, Saxophone Ensemble, Chamber Music in all styles of music (particularly, contemporary music) and especially train my students as open-minded people and musicians.

Promoting Baritone

Recently, I prepared a pedagogical project in order to motivate the practice of the baritone among young saxophonists. I am sure that the students who play it in saxophone quartets or ensembles and even those who rarely play it, will find useful to do a lesson with an instrument specialist any time.

So I propose some different activities such as group initiation lessons (techniques, basic repertoire, etc.) to all kind of saxophonists, individual repertoire lessons to the most experienced students with the instrument, as well as talks on the set-up, repertoire, etc. and a short recital (with the collaboration of the students, if possible).

After having focused my carrer on the baritone saxophone since 2011, I have given some masterclasses and workshops at:

  • Baritone Saxophone Masterclass in Bertrange (Luxembourg), December 2017
  • Talk and baritone saxophone masterclass at EurSax (Porto, Portugal), July 2017
  • Professor at the Baritone Institute at Andorra Sax-Fest (Andorra-la-Vella, Andorra), April 2017
  • Professor at the Saxophone Academy Sydney Summer School (Sydney, Australia), January 2017
  • Professor at the NZ Classical Saxophone Summer School (Taranaki, New Zealand), January 2017
  • Baritone Saxophone Workshop at Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), May 2016
  • Baritone Saxophone Masterclass at Andorra Sax-Fest (Andorra La Vella, Andorra), April 2016
  • Professor at the Baritone Institute at SaxOpen (Wintzenheim, France), July 2015
  • Baritone Saxophone Masterclass at Andorra Sax-Fest (Andorra La Vella, Andorra), June 2013
  • Baritone Saxophone Workshop at ESMuC (Barcelona, Spain), March 2013
  • Baritone Saxophone Workshop at CSMA (Zaragoza, Spain), November 2012

Please, let me invite you to read my posts about baritone saxophone on the blog from my website.