My thoughts about classical music and baritone saxophone

The Rencontres Internationales autour du Saxophone Baryton in Ambazac (France), leaded by Damien Royannais y Eric Devallon (RIP) between 2008 and 2011, boosted me to focus my career as a soloist of this instrument. This video interview was released in October 2011 in order to expose my ideas and promote my future music projects with the baritone saxophone.

Although it seems that there is growing interest in this instrument among some international saxophone players of classic/contemporary music in recent years, I think that baritone saxophone still has not found its place beyond the saxophone quartet and has not got the same spot to promote its own repertoire in featured events (festivals, congresses, etc.) than the alto or the soprano saxophones.

On the other hand, concert promoters of classic/contemporary music ask for new formulas to appeal new audiences (specially, among younger people) to the concerts but at the same time, don’t want to change some formats that are becoming obsolete. Options towards multidisciplinary proposals or new repertoires could seem good solutions but they are too risky for the promoters who only think about earn money.

Anyway, I feel glad to meet an increasing number of baritone fans among young saxophonists and some young composers eager of discovering new timbres in the instrument. It is so nice to share new and good ideas with other musicians and artists from some other disciplines.

The times they are changing. So, let’s go forward!