Adolf Ventas

Adolf Ventas (Amposta, 31/01/1919 – Barcelona, 02/02/2014) started his music studies (saxophone, clarinet and violin) at the music association La Lira Ampostina (Amposta, Catalonia, Spain) before moving to Barcelone with his family when he was a child. He restarted his studies at the capital and later, he played in different dance orchestras and created his own groups performing all around Europe, Northern-Africa and the Middle East in the 1940’s-1950’s.

Adolf Ventas was soloist saxophone at the Banda (wind band) Municipal de Barcelone and collaborated with the orchestras of the Theater of Liceu and the Barcelona Symphonic Orchestras. He created the Quartet de Saxòfons de Barcelona in 1978, one of the first saxophone quartets in Spain.

He was also professor of saxophone at the Conservatoire Superior de Música Municipal de Barcelone (1969-1986) and issued several methods for saxophone as 28 Estudios-CaprichosArpegios and Cromatismos at Editorial Boileau (Barcelona). As composer, he wrote lot of works for saxophone with different formations: solo, duos, duos with piano,  saxophone quartets and ensembles and many arrangements. Ventas was also arranger and conductor at the Belter Records (Barcelona).

Read more about Adolf Ventas in the biography by Israel Mira. Click on this link (in Spanish).

El Sur and ‘Embrujo’

Embrujo (Spell) is the first movement of EL SUR (South) a suite for saxophone solo by Adolf Ventas.

Ventas compositions are usually based on the music by Spanish composers from last 19th century as Albéniz and he often mixed their style with the modes of limited transposition by Messiaen as it follows.

I. Embrujo
II. Martinete
III. Zapateado

Listen to the work, recorded live at “Tribute to Ventas” in Reus and Amposta, 6th-7th February 2015:

An extended comment on this work will come soon!