Premiere of the original version for baritone saxophone. Salle de concerts ArcA, Bertrange (Luxembourg), 3/12/2017.

“Summe deum, sancti custos Soractis Apollo,
quem primi colimus, cui pineus ardor acervo
pascitur et medium freti pietate per ignem
cultores multa preminus vestigia pruna,
da, pater, hoc nostris aboleri dedecus armis,
omnipotens (…).”

Eneida XI, Virgilio

Details of the work

Contact the composer ( to achieve it. 13 pages. Duration: ca. 9:30. Contemporary music.
HIGH level. Range (written): A2 – F#5
Technical Elements: Wide range of dynamics (especially in PPPP). Fluctuating tempo. Bisbigliandi with different fingerings and speeds. Trills and tremolos. Keys sounds. Multiphonics. Aeolian sounds. Slaps. Some very fast excerpts. Flatter. Portamenti. Voice.
Performance: Play to the limits of sound and silence. Play theatrically the recitative part with lots of energy on the slaps and smorzati notes.

Read more about the composer on his website.