PIERROT I ARLEQUÍ for Baritone Saxophone solo. Miquel Pardo-Llungarriu

This work was commissioned by the Catalan Association of Composers for the concert I did in the season Música d’Ara 2016 in Barcelona, organized by this institution. The premiere took place on October 20th, 2016.

The two movements of the work describe well the character of each clown (in addition, saxophone is inevitably associated with this instrument): one side, Pierrot, the sad and melancholic one and fallen in love with the moon, and the other, Harlequin, the cunning, grumpy and quarrelsome one.

The main theme of the first movement has a languid air which becomes dramatic at its climax. Despite of having some excerpts written in rapid figurations and, sometimes, complex rhythms and amalgam measures, its general character is melodic and melancholic.

The second movement is predominantly rhythmical with diversity of articulations and contains a defiant cadence just before the final section. The movement ends in a brilliant way.

Traditional notation is used as well as resources typical of contemporary music for saxophone as multiphonics, the slaps, bisbigliandi, glissandi and portamenti, flatterzunge, smorzatti and noise of keys. In addition, the altissimo register is used in some excerpts. In my opinion, the use of multiphonics is remarkable, acting as a true polyphony very well integrated in the melodic discourse of the piece.

PIERROT I ARLEQUÍ requires a high technical mastery of the baritone and is also demanding musically. This work is very suitable for all kind of performances.

If you are interested in acquiring the score, please contact the composer: mpardollungarriu@hotmail.com