SHEROW MUSTERY BAR, for Baritone Saxophone and Tape. Xavier Parlant

Sherow Mustery Bar is a disco piece commissioned by the French saxophonist Sylvie Ferreira-Trinta to be suitable to the characteristics of the baritone saxophone. It was premiered by the same saxophonist in a trio version for baritone, keyboards and drums in Limoges in 2011.

I asked the composer to do my own version adding another baritone voices on the track and doing a few changes on the score. So, here is my own version, recorded with the authorization of the composer.

This work is a good introduction to the baritone saxophone and the music for electronics (in fact, a disco piece is a very good approach to this style of music) because it has not a high level of difficulty for the young students.

If you suddenly feel like dancing, just do it!

Recorded by Miguel Ángel Barberán at MBG Studio (Tarragona, Catalonia/Spain)