HENDIA, for Baritone Saxophone solo. Sixto M. Herrero

“To crack and look endlessly for the quejío, the mournful flamenco feeling hidden in the refined society of classical music. The search of loneliness on the stage, where the performer uses sounds as a communicative way to claim for a forgotten right” (Sixto Herrero, 2002)

Hendia is one of the five mouvements of Viajeros al Tren, a work written for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones solo that finish with the four of them playing ensemble. Hendia has some elements of contemporary music (multiphonics, flatter, voice effects) to represent the moan, the most characteristic element of the early flamenco.

The composer let to the player the option to recite a poem or sing a saeta at the end of the performance. I chose a poem by Spanish writer Clara Janés for this recording:

Me dejaré morir en tu silencio,
que de noche me diste de comer
los frutos del cerezo
en tu alcoba de sombras
sangrantes de perfume
y nada más deseo.
Me dejaré morir en tu silencio.

Recorded by Nacho Gascón at Stinky Studio (Lliçà de Vall, Catalonia/Spain)