18, for Baritone Saxophone and Tape. Joan Arnau Pàmies

Joan Arnau Pàmies is a young Catalan composer based in the USA some years ago and his areas of research are alternative means of cultural production, art and culture in late capitalism, sonic creativity, sound art, etc. Read more on his website.

18 must be performed strictly soft with amplification and a wide reverb. All duration of the notes are free, but the notes have to be played in time (a chronometer is necessary).

This piece is a good introduction to the baritone saxophone and the music for electronics because it has not a high level of difficulty for the young students.

I like to perform it by coloring it with additional effects (oscillations, multiphonics, voicing, flatter, bisbigliandi, etc.) as you can listen to in this recording.

I premiered this work at IV Festival Sincrònic in Lleida (Catalonia, Spain) in October 17th, 2009.

Recorded by Nacho Gascón at Stinky Studio (Lliçà de Vall, Catalonia/Spain)