TIME FIELDS 1, for Baritone Saxophone solo. Hèctor Parra

Time Fields 1 was originally written for baritone saxophone in 2002 and adapted for bass clarinet later in 2004. It is a study piece that consists of a strict progression. Three different kind of instrumental gestures alternate and blend themselves into a very malleable and expressive sound texture. These three sorts of musical elements are:

  1. Very active melodic lines, seeking to multilinear repeated notes or to pedal notes.
  2. Long notes become multiple sounds and trills.
  3. Textures of extreme intervals and very fast complex rhythms.

This piece is a reflection on the relationship of all these elements with different tempo changes. Temporal windings are progressively important and they are the result of friction between permanent accelerandi or rallentandi and the density variations of rhythmic articulation.

(Hèctor Parra, 2004)