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<br /><em>Last update: December 23rd, 2018</em>You can now check my list for Baritone Saxophone Repertoire out <strong>by clicking on the picture above</strong>. Works for traditional saxophone quartet are not included.<br /><span class=”s1″>”Association Bar&Co” (with Damien Royannais and Eric Devallon, RIP) started doing this list and, after the dissolution in 2014, I decided continue enlarging it in order to share this useful information for all saxophone players of  classical/contemporary music who want to enlarge their repertoire.</span><span class=”s1″>I couldn’t have done it without the disinterested collaboration of many saxophonists and composers so far. Many thanks to everyone! (in alphabetical order): </span><em><span class=”s1″>Francisco Javier Alberca, Pedro Álvarez, </span><span class=”s1″>Narcís Argemí, </span>Santiago Báez, <span class=”s1″>Noah Bedrin, Niels Bijl, Sergio Blardony, Christophe Bois, Gustavo Britos (Música en Uruguay), Jay Byrnes, Yolanda Campos, Kenneth Coon, Romeu Costa, Alain Crepin, Rafael Díaz (SaxRules.com), Claude Delangle, Michael Duke, Ezequiel Esquenazi, Géraud Etrillard, Bruno Giner, Sixto Herrero, Michael Jamieson, Diego Jiménez Tamame, Elena Leonova, Fernando Lerman, </span><span class=”s1″>Clàudia Llauradó, </span><span class=”s1″>Matt London, Víctor Manuel Martín, Camilo Méndez, Jan Menu, Daniel Miguel, Everette Minchew, Igal Mirtenbaum, Nadia Moura, </span><span class=”s1″>Fernando Muslera, Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska, Stéphanie Perna, Henrique Portovedo, Jeffrey Quick, Fernando Ramos, Joonatan Rautiola, Nick Rusoniello, David Salleras, Simone Santi Gubini, Thomas Sleeper, Menne Smallenbroek, Víctor Vallés, Jeroen Vanbever, Willem van Merwijk, Henk van Twillert, Olli Virtaperko, </span><span class=”s1″>Marijke von Uden, </span><span class=”s1″>Andreas von Zoelen, </span><span class=”s1″>Ian Wilson</span></em>If you have or if you know any other pieces which are not in the list, you can also collaborate by sending an e-mail to <strong>sax@joanmf.com</strong> with the information required: COMPOSER / NAME OF THE WORK / FORMATION (<strong>NO</strong> standard saxophone quartets!) / EDITION (or link) / YEAR OF COMPOSITION / DURATION.Thanks a lot for your contributions!<br />